Sporadic Gunfire, Bomb Blasts as Mumbai Siege Continues

2008-11-29 01:24:01

Sporadic Gunfire, Bomb Blasts as Mumbai Siege Continues By Raymond Thibodeaux Mumbai28 November 2008  Thodeaux report - Download (MP3)  Thodeaux report - Listen (MP3) Clashes between Indian security forces and the remaining terrorists that launched a multi pronged assault on Mumbai continued into the night as authorities slowly regained control of the city . Raymond Thibodeaux has this report from Mumbai where explosions and gunfire rocked the city for a third day.The southern tip of Mumbai, the heart of the city's tourist district, was turned into a battle zone as police tried to capture or kill the last of the terrorists. Indian soldiers aim a grenade launcher at part of the facade of the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai,28 Nov 2008 At the historic Taj hotel in the southern tip of the city late Friday, the air was filled with the sound of grenades, sporadic machine-gun fire and helicopters hovering overhead. Indian special forces went room to room in an effort to end the three-day siege by militants who rampaged through the streets of Mumbai and took hostages in two posh Mumbai hotels and at a Jewish community center.By late afternoon, Indian commandos had freed another six hostages, who were escorted to the back of the Taj into a waiting ambulance. None of them appeared to be injured, just shaken up and hungry after more than two days with almost no food.Indian security forces so far have freed at least 200 hostages at the Taj. It is still unclear how many gunmen were involved in the assualt on the building.Security officials have confirmed that several foreigners were killed and more than 20 injured. It is known that among the dead: three Germans, one Japanese, one Canadian and one Australian.Firefighters and ambulances were rushed to the Taj late Friday as a fresh column of smoke could be seen rising from the luxury hotel's roof.Four bystanders were hit by gunfire near the front of the Taj where many journalists have gathered to cover the siege. On... Devamı